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Can Green Tea Stop Anxiety Problems?

Anxiety disorder is a health problem that should never be ignored. It can result from bereavement, financial problems, medical conditions, relationship problems, stressors and even from the use of certain medications. While conventional drugs are useful for reducing the symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders, lasting treatment and management can only be possible with making changes in daily life. And that can begin with the foods and drinks that you […]

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How Does Yogurt Reduce Anxiety Levels?

Everybody wants to have a life free of stress and anxiety, but that is easier said than done. In modern life, anxiety is almost a part of every day. Whether for personal or professional reasons, or both, one can get anxious. Moderate amount of anxiety is okay, and can actually help a person get motivated to change his / her life for the better. In excessive amounts, however, it can […]

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Dark Chocolate and Anxiety Lowering Benefits

Anxiousness is a part of modern life, and quite expectedly so, given that a hectic pace of life, poor nutrition, lack of sleep and constant pressure can only lead to that in the end. So how can you deal with anxiety? Medicines are there, but you cannot always pop a pill to put a stop to anxious thoughts. It is more advisable that you change your nutrition and add in […]

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Why Turmeric Helps Manage Anxiety?

When it comes to stress, not everybody reacts in the same way. You can find people getting hyper, and behaving panicky or even in an aggressive way. Others have a calmer and more relaxed response to such events. Why exactly is that? The genetic and constitutional make-up of one individual is different from the other, and many hormones, chemicals and other factors come into play. That said, there are medicines […]

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Chamomile and Anxiety Reduction – How Does It Work?

For hundreds of years, herbs have been a part of traditional remedies for various health conditions – including anxiety. Anxiety is a state of mind or an emotion that is experienced in response to threats or other stressors. Excess of anxiety could be very bad for health, and even lead to fatal problems – such as heart attacks. Herbs such as Chamomile are regarded as one of best and most […]

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