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How Bananas can Reduce Acid Reflux

How Bananas can Reduce Acid RefluxAcid reflux is a common condition that can cause a terrible burning sensation in the gut which will lead to discomfort. It is mainly caused by the acid flow to the esophagus which will result in irritation of the lining. Some foods may influence the symptoms of acid reflux and one should avoid eating them to live a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, several home remedies available for getting relief from acid reflux issues. Bananas offer solutions for the symptoms caused by acid reflux that will help overcome major complications to a large extent.

How can bananas help overcome acid reflux?

Banana is rich in alkaline properties with a pH of 5.6 that will help fight against the burning sensation. Moreover, the fruit provides ways to coat irritated esophagus lining that reduces unwanted problems effectively.

The high fiber content in bananas contributes more to strengthen the digestive tract that can eliminate indigestion problems. Apart from that, it has a soluble fiber called “pectin” which helps to ensure smooth movement of food contents through the digestive tract that will prevent acid formation.

The bananas are low a low-acid food because it has a water pH level of 7 which gives ways to reduce the gastric acid by break downing foods. They play an important role in increasing the pH of the gut contents which help fight against acid reflux effectively.

Furthermore, the antacid properties such as alkaline potassium and sodium in bananas will help reduce acidity in the stomach. Additionally, it aids the digestion process due to the presence of proteins and sulfur. The protease inhibitors in bananas provide ways to eliminate specific harmful bacteria. Eating bananas will improve the conditions of the esophagus because they contain a high level of minerals and vitamin B6.

Good bacteria in the gut can lower acid formation and bananas will help in this process to lead a healthy life. The probiotics in bananas form good bacteria that help minimize acid reflux problems. Apart from that, the rich fibers in them transfer stomach contents along the digestive tract thereby showing ways to minimize acid reflux problems.

Why should one include bananas in their daily diet?

One can include bananas in his/her daily diet plan to handle the symptoms of acid reflux problems significantly. Eating one or two more bananas will ease the digestion process enabling a person to stay away from heartburn and other symptoms to a large extent. They even show ways to keep health in a perfect state to prevent risks.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: James Johnson is the founder of Healthy Reports. He is a seasoned researcher and author with over 15 years of experience. He has a unique combination of experience and skills in nutrition, dietetics, and communication.

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