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How Does Broccoli Help in Diabetes Control?

How Does Broccoli Help in Diabetes Control?The consumption of sugar-rich foods is known to increase blood sugar levels. Similarly, there are foods that can help reduce level of sugar in the bloodstream. A tasty vegetable, Broccoli is consumed by many people across the globe. This green colored vegetable is consumed in the form of juice, slices and in many other ways. It has fantastic benefits for the management of diabetes.

Broccoli and Diabetes Management

In a 2008 study carried out by the University of Warwick, it was found out that broccoli contains a compound referred to as sulforaphane. It has been seen to reverse blood vessel damage resulting from diabetes. Cardiac problems caused by diabetes are due to the destruction of these blood vessels due to high blood sugar levels. Sulforaphane stimulates the production of a few specific forms of enzymes in the body, which protect the blood vessels. Sulforaphane safeguards the blood vessels and decreases the amount of ROS (reactive oxygen molecules) which can destroy these blood vessels as well as the cells.

Sulforaphane decreases the amount of ROS which rises to toxic levels due to hyperglycemia, or too much blood sugar in the body. It is due to this condition, that the body cells get damaged primarily. Sulforaphane, which can be found in Broccoli, can be useful in reversing such effects of high blood sugar levels on the heart.

Broccoli and Healing of Diabetes Patients

It was also found that the sulforaphane in broccoli boosts the production of the protein called nrf2 in the body. It is responsible for cell repair, by detoxifying the cells, stimulating the production of anti ageing enzymes as well reducing the oxidative stress on the body cells. When the levels of nrf2 get two times the normal amount, it can be very useful for cardio vascular damage repairs.

Packed in fibers and antioxidants, Broccoli is very useful for diabetic patients. As it is widely known, diabetes compromises the immune system of patients. The vegetable has at least four important ingredients which can give a boost to natural immunity, such as Vitamin C, Zinc, selenium and Beta-carotene. The most concentrated amounts of vitamin C can be found in broccoli, more than any other member of the cruciferous vegetable family. It can also improve the health of bones, helps in keeping a healthy digestive system and improves the health of the eyes. Like Pumpkin, it has multiple benefits for the body of diabetic patients, which is why doctors recommend it so much for diabetes management.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: James Johnson is the founder of Healthy Reports. He is a seasoned researcher and author with over 15 years of experience. He has a unique combination of experience and skills in nutrition, dietetics, and communication.

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