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Does Salmon Help Reduce Anxiety?

Anxiety is a state of mind that is experienced by almost everybody. However, while it is a common reaction or response of the mind to potentially stressful situations, some people experience extremes of this emotion. Sooner or later, it has a very negative impact on the body and mind, and has been found to lead to many diseases and even life-threatening conditions. Traditional approach to anxiety disorders, as with allopathic […]

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Kiwis and High Blood Pressure

Fabulous in taste and rich in nutrients, Kiwi fruits are often used to make smoothies. These can also be packed and taken along for use during the lunchtime. Small in size, and having a tangy, sweet flesh, these fruits are noted for their wonderful taste and flavor, as well as many important health benefits. These are packed with vital nutrients such as potassium, folate, Vitamin E,  Vitamin K and Vitamin […]

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Can Beets Help Reduce High Blood Pressure?

When it comes to foods that reduce hypertension, herbs and vegetables come to the mind first. It is a good thing that many vegetables produced in most countries are packed with nutrients that can be effective for reducing hypertension. For optimal benefit, it is a good idea to have vegetables in a raw or slightly cooked form. Having these overcooked can destroy the important nutrients that help manage or even […]

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Bananas and High Blood Pressure Management

Hypertension is one of the “killer diseases” now, and around the world, around 1.13 billion individuals are reported to be suffering from this health problem at the moment. That means 2/3 of people living in middle-income and low-income nations suffer from it. A combination of medications, lifestyle modification measures and alternative or complementary approaches are suggested for managing this disorder. Healthy and tasty, Bananas are often recommended for hypertension management. […]

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Can Berries Help Reduce Hypertension?

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is one of the commonest physical ailments affecting millions of people across the world. Regular medications, or allopathic treatment apart, there are various other ways – such as lifestyle modification measures that are known to help treat this condition. Fruits such as Berries have been scientifically proven to be useful in lowering high blood pressure levels. How exactly are these effective? Read on and find […]

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