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Pomegranates and Hypertension Management

Pomegranates and Hypertension ManagementPomegranates are one of the most easily abundant fruits in many Western countries, and are supposed to be effective in reducing the levels of blood pressure. How exactly is this possible? Read on and find out.

Hypertension Reduction Effects of Pomegranates

Pomegranates are supposed to reduce the levels of ACE or Angiotensin converting enzyme.  ACE happens to be a protein having a vital role in regulating the size of blood vessels in human body. In doing so, it is able to control blood pressure quite well.

According to the results of a study that was conducted back in 2012, the intake of a cup of pomegranate juice every day for a span of 28 days can aid in the short-term reduction of  high blood pressure levels. This effect was attributed by researchers to the amount of antioxidants in the fruit.

Pomegranates may be eaten whole or even as juice – as preferred by some people. When you purchase pre-packaged pomegranate juice from a store, whether online or offline, you have to look at the list of ingredients in the package and make sure that no added sugar is there.

Beats Effects of Oxidative Stress

Researchers have found that the damage of the cells by the free radicals in the body, due to a process referred to as the oxidative stress, can change the balance between dilation and constriction of the blood vessels present in the body. It is oxidative stress which also leads to high B.P. When oxidative stress, the risks of hypertension can be increased. Pomegranates have specific compounds that can help avoid excessive blood vessel constriction, and reduce blood pressure levels.

According to researchers, pomegranates are a possible resource of antioxidants. These can promote healthy levels of blood pressure through preventing degeneration of a vital agent that leads to blood vessel dilation and improving blood vessel activity. When blood vessels are dilated in a proper way, normalcy in blood pressure levels can be promoted.


When it comes to combating hypertension, it is important to have pomegranates. These can be one of the best foods to have, to fight and manage hypertension. You would like to include this many-seeded red fruit into your daily diet, in order to combat and prevent hypertension. In case, like most people, you would like to combat hypertension as you look attractive and young, it is a must to have this fruit. Among people in the Mediterranean areas, these are regarded highly for lots of contributions to beauty and health.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: James Johnson is the founder of Healthy Reports. He is a seasoned researcher and author with over 15 years of experience. He has a unique combination of experience and skills in nutrition, dietetics, and communication.

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